Enough Is Enough

March 2021

The Khaleeji Art Museum’s new digital exhibition brings together 12 artists from across the Arab Gulf States who showcase their artistic creations in an effort to raise awareness about the diverse shapes and forms of sexual harassment and assault, highlight the devestating damage it causes to its victims and emphasize the need to put an urgent end to it worldwide.

The artists use different mediums, including photography, digital art, gouache and oil  paint, to bring to light conversations about the topic that have been held within their respective circles and communities, and within their minds. Together, their artworks, which were created between 2018 and 2021, collectively say “Enough Is Enough.”

To read each artist’s description of their artwork, click here

A Trap Called The Body, 2020
Maha Alasaker, Kuwait

Protect Them, Don’t Harm Them, 2020
Mai Yousef and Muhammad Salah, Saudi Arabia 
Digital art