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A Trap Called The Body, 2018, photography, Maha Alasaker, Kuwait

Description by artist: Throughout their lives, women are subjected to a process of physical and psychological conditioning; socializing them for the role prepared for them. This role is serving as a biological function necessary for the reproduction of the tribe through marriage. One female identifier is her sexual function. From this function she derives pieces of her social character and behaviour, which even manifests in her spontaneous body movements. It is noticeable—the intense awareness of women of their bodies in every move or bend—they feel it as a proxy. In this work, I am expressing how I feel in my own body. Always trapped, never free. - Maha Alasaker

The Male Gaze, 2021, digital art, Rabab Boualayan, Kuwait

Description by artist: Harassment is not always physical or verbal, it can also be a silent gaze that follows you around. Yes, it is scary and uncomfortable, but it is what women face regularly from men, which leads  us to have to call a friend or family member to stay on the phone with us while we walk. This silent gaze is usually brushed off, but still leaves an effect when a woman who is minding her own business is not being left alone. This silent gaze is also harassment. - Rabab Boualayan

The Pack, 2021, digital art, Mattia Gambardella, Italy/UAE

Description by artist: Sexual harassment amongst teens is,unfortunately, a common practice involving comments, gestures, actions, or attention that are intended to hurt, offend, or intimidate another person. This practice doesn't just happen to girls. Guys may harass other guys, and girls may harass other girls. Sexual harassment isn't limited to people of the same age, either. Adults sometimes sexually harass young people ...sexual harassment happens to teens, by a group of people within the same age group.Sexual harassment and bullying are very similar — they both involve unwelcome or unwanted sexual comments, attention, or physical contact. The person who is being targeted will feel threatened and scared, and will experience a great deal of emotional stress that is deeply upsetting and scarring.  -Mattia Gambardella

You Too?, 2021, acrylic on canvas, Maryam Al Salem, Bahrain

Description by artist: The painting You Too? sheds light on women who have been harassed by men. People often associate harassment with what the woman was wearing, where she went, how she acted... Here I am saying that enough is enough. Enough blaming women when it comes to their outfits, enough blaming women based on where they go and how they act. Women deserve to feel safe just as much as men do. Women deserve to dress how they want without being afraid. Women deserve to go to places without worrying about being harassed. Women are not objects of desire, women are human beings with feelings, emotions and the right to feel safe. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.- Maryam Al Salem

Nothing Happened, 2021, digital art, Amira Al Musalami, Oman

Description by artist:

The hands of the predators are always at a reach of what they want even if they are seen, even if it happens in front of all, and even when she says no in all kinds of languages . Even if she makes a noise. It’s always her fault, as if nothing happened; they are protected , seen as “angels,”...their fault is never a fault. Their gender shields them from all kinds of harm and labels. As if nothing happened, she has to live with the experience and deal with it alone in most circumstances.-  Amira Al Musalami

Protect Them Don’t Harm Them, 2020, digital art, Mai Yousef and Muhammad Salah, Saudi Arabia

Description by artists: The artworks show harassed victims through a blue x-ray that shows that what's happening inside their bodies is different from what we see from outside. - Mai Yousef and Muhammad Salah

Harassment And Its Isolation, 2021, gouache on canvas, Loura Enezi, UK/Kuwait 

Description by artist: The artwork describes one of the consequences of harassment: the effect on a person’s mental health. The harassed individual may struggle with their daily life, and face the social stigma of harassment. The absence of the face [in the painting] resembles the feeling of being unseen and isolated.At the same time, the individual's hands represent the distress caused by the incident and comprehending it. The viewer will recognize the extent of harassment towards one's life and, most importantly, mental health. - Loura Enezi

The Female Matrix, 2021, digital media, Noora Alhashimi, Bahrain

Description by artist: The Female Matrix is a satirical take on the effects of expectations imposed on women. It is inspired by the patriarchal barriers that have moulded women to their liking, oftentimes casting them into a subservient role. By reducing these confining boundaries into a literal enclosure, the artwork reflects the extent to which they can disfigure a person. As opposed to a real matrix (usually an environment that promotes growth), the Arab woman’s matrix ironically condenses her into an object, forbidding her from taking up space, or simply fighting back.”- Noora Alhashimi

Harassment In A Parallel Universe, 2021, oil on paper, Huda Jamal, Bahrain

Description by artist: I  collected a number of tweets that I found on Twitter addressing victims of harassment, and blaming their dress for the harassment they faced, and implying that women seek that kind of attention for themselves. My artwork features a newspaper laying on a chair, which contains an article that speaks of harassment towards men specifically. What I aimed to do is through this artwork is to reverse the accusations that were made to those victims and make them to men instead. This makes us raise a question mark as to why it seems normal to blame women for getting harassed, however, it somehow seems "odd" to direct this blame to men. My intention was to provoke the viewers and make them feel the gap between how men and women are treated. The artwork is a mockery of those misogynists' tweets.- Huda Jamal

We Must Be Heard, 2021, acrylic on canvas, Abeer Al Edani, Iraq/UAE

Description by artist: The artwork represents the feeling of the new generation, and how they must be heard to make a difference...They must talk to make others listen even if the past generation was blind and couldn’t say anything. - Abeer Al Edani

It Was Not My Fault, 2020, digital art, Shahad Nazer, Saudi Arabia

Description by artist: The artwork highlights sexual assault/harassment/rape, and mostly focuses on the victim's point of view, but you can slightly still see what the people (society) in the background usually say regarding that topic. In our society, the victim is usually blamed for the assault. These artworks highlight that it's not the victim's fault whatsoever, no matter what the reason was. It'll always be the harasser's fault. She never asked for it, her choice of clothes is not her fault, and she definitely does not deserve this. In the background you can see some comments that the victim usually hears, and it's blurred out because I wanted the focus to be on her and her say in all of this. - Shahad Nazer

Harassment Has Many Meanings, 2021, digital art, Mai Yousef and Muhammad Salah, Saudi Arabia

Description by artists: The artwork shows how different, harmful words that might be said to any of us nowadays can make us feel terrified to socialize or to be able to trust others.- Mai Yousef and Muhammad Salah

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