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Faisal Alkheriji

Representing Culture Differently

 Unveiled on April 07, 2021, this is the first digital solo gallery for Saudi artist Faisal Alkheriji. Faisal’s work represents Saudi culture in a different way.


Sayyida Meyyan Al Said


Unveiled in January 2021, this is the first digitsl solo gallery of Sayyida Meyyan Al Said and the first out of Oman. The digital artworks invite us to observe nature in a new light.


Zakia Al Dubaikhi

Painting the Khaleeji Woman

Opened in August 2020, this exhibition unveils works by the late Zakia Abdulaziz Al Dubaikhi from Saudi Arabia, whose work is a prime example of  a regional artist who had dedicated her energy, love, and soul to her work during her liftime. Her artworks shed a light on the culture and society of the Gulf region, particulary in Saudi Arabia.