Architecture of Memory

Artist statement

Al Hashemi II Miniature

When construction on it was completed after three years in 2000, the Al Hashemi II Dhow was the biggest handmade dhow in the world, giving it its own unique place in the Guinness World Record.

The idea for the construction of the largest handmade ship was a dream of the late Abdulhusain Marafi, with the Marafi family funding the project. The ship was not intended for sail, and is permanently docked next to the Radisson Blu Hotel, with its vast spaces used as a restaurant, theatre and an event hall. Originally, the restaurant was located on the deck of the ship, but has been illustrated in the painting to be at the heart of the ship for aesthetic value.

The work incorporates elements of fantasy, as well as symbols from Islamic wisdom and spirituality, as is the regular practice in the traditional miniature format. Characters from all walks of life and backgrounds were included in this artwork, showcasing coexistence and equality, as well as reflecting the spirit of the hotel, which welcomes people from around the world.

  • Dana Al Rashid
  • 2020
  • Digital art

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