Alia Al Farsi

Omani artist Alia Al Farsi. Image courtesy of the artist.
Alia Al Farsi is one of Oman’s most accomplished artists, who is inspired by her homeland Oman. She has challenged artistic inhibitions and continues to explore new frontiers for her self-fulfilment and in pursuing her artistic mission and quest. Al Farsi sees the intrinsic beauty in all things and relishes the experience of bringing out the true essence of diverse materials, which explains the appearance of French poetry in her paintings to Cambodian textiles, Omani artefacts and coins, for example. She weaves these into a harmonious story that relays her spiritual side and admiration for the philosophies of Sufism.

She has held solo exhibitions in Tokyo, Dubai, Paris, Seoul, Brussels and has exhibited her work at the Venice Biennale, in addition to over 20 countries. Her works include large-scale paintings, sculptures, objects, furniture and installations. Some of work has been auctioned at Christie’s Auction House and displayed at museums and art institutions including the Arab World Institute in Paris, France.

The Omani artist is also the recipient of numerous awards. She obtained an MBA from Bedfordshire University and has explored graphic design at Central Saint Martins in London, the United Kingdom. An active user of social media, she sees the potential of using these new media frontiers and technologies to share her work and  spread her message to art lovers around the world.

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