Alia Al Farsi's Gallery

A painter who often uses diverse materials, including Cambodian textiles, coins, artifacts and furniture pieces, to showcase Omani culture and society, and express her admiration for the philosophies of Sufism, Alia Al Farsi is one of Oman’s most notable contemporary artists.

With a career spanning decades, the Muttrah-born Al Farsi has helped shape the country’s art scene like few female artists have before her.

This digital gallery, which was marked an exclusive by launch event that was held in Alia Gallery in Muscat, Oman on 12 June 2022, is the first to digitise over 200 of her life’s works and make them available for art lovers worldwide, making it an unparalleled chance to observe the range of Al Farsi’s creativity and artistic skills, and trace the evolution of her work.

The earliest works exhibited date back to 1993 and the latest, the Faces Series, was produced in April 2022. The works are displayed in chronological order.

To read more about the launch of the digital gallery, as covered by Sekka, please click here.

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