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29 Jul 2021 - 30 May 2022

Transcendence explores spirituality beyond our common understanding of it. Spirituality is more than just a connection to the soul.

How does one transcend in the process? To discover oneself and connect spiritually, the act results in a state of transcendence, through which one might find themselves going beyond physical existence. The collection of artworks by 12 Gulf and Gulf based artists reflect the various means of expressing the notion of spirituality and transcendence. The artists reflect it by expressing their personal perceptions of, and experiences with, the complex subject that is spirituality.

The virtual exhibition is organised to reflect life using inspiration from a maze. We often think life is like a labyrinth, where every road is a dead end, but it may not be as complicated as we think. When establishing a spiritual connection, our perception of life will change drastically and what was once a maze will become an easy passageway to understanding oneself and existence. The exhibition starts with dark artworks to reflect the journey of spirituality and life commencing, then it transitions to color towards the end as artists reflect spirituality beyond typical conceptions.

This exhibition was curated by Maitha Al Omaira, and is available to view as a digital experience in addition to a virtual exhibition format.

Transcendence Exhibition by the Khaleeji Art Museum.

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