Enough Is Enough

Artist statement

Harassment in a Parallel Universe

I  collected a number of tweets that I found on Twitter addressing victims of harassment, and blaming their dress for the harassment they faced, and implying that women seek that kind of attention for themselves. My work features a newspaper placed on a chair, which contains an article that speaks of harassment towards men specifically. What I aimed to do is through this artwork is to reverse the accusations that were made to those victims and make them to men instead. This makes us raise a question mark as to why it seems normal to blame women for getting harassed, however, it somehow seems “odd” to direct this blame to men. My intention was to provoke the viewers and make them feel the gap between how men and women are treated. The artwork is a mockery of those misogynists’ tweets.

  • Huda Jamal
  • 2021
  • Oil on paper

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