Jalal Luqman's Gallery

Jalal Luqman is one of the UAE’s most accomplished artists who is known for his mixed media work, installations and sculptures, and for being the Gulf region’s first digital artist. With a pioneering career spanning more than three decades, his work has been exhibited in New York, Tokyo, Kuwaiti City, Cairo and Dubai. Luqman is also an advocate for the development and promotion of artists and the art scene in the UAE.

In his gallery in the sky, which is available for passengers onboard Emirates Airlines to view through their inflight entertainment, Ice, Luqman discusses and showcases his works Fingerprint Man, Arnab Wa Yakul Laham and Apologies to My Father.

The Khaleeji Art Museum partnered up with Sekka, a media brand dedicated to exploring art, culture, literature and opinions from the Arab world, which provided media coverage of the Museum in the Sky’s second volume. To read Luqman’s interview with them, please click here.

To find out more about Luqman, please visit this page.

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