Architecture of Memory

Artist statement

Justice at the Justice Palace

The Justice Palace is a remarkable architectural structure that is currently under the threat of demolition, as a newer concrete “palace” is now being built beside it. The Justice Palace was built in 1986 in a symmetrical style to reflect justice and balance, and therefore its demolition would be quite symbolic. 

Here, activists-including lawyers- appear, representing the powers of good in a battle against invisible forces that call for the demolition of the building using weak arguments. The former are symbolised through the golden scale and the latter are symbolised through the monstrous blue hand reaching down from the sky, appearing from seemingly nowhere.

The personalities that are depicted in this work include:  myself , Abdul Raouf Murad (who is known for photographing historical buildings in Kuwait),  Manahi Al Reesh (an architect and activist who calls for the preservation of structures such as this monument), and lawyers Shiryan Al Shiryan and Adnan Abul.

  • Dana Al Rashid
  • 2020
  • Digital art

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