Architecture of Memory

Artist statement

Kuwait and Sweden: Parallel Worlds

The Kuwait Water Towers were designed by Swedish architect Suni Lindström, who also designed Sweden’s equivalent of the water towers, The Mushroom, which is located in the city of Örebro. While The Mushroom was designed in 1958 and is 58 meters tall, the Kuwait Water Towers were built in 1976, and are 35 meters in height. The work expresses the strong diplomatic ties between Sweden and Kuwait, despite the vast differences in their cultures and environments. It showcases Kuwait’s openness to the different cultures of the world throughout its urbanization and modernization period, which is known as its Golden Age.

In this work, viewers can also see the Kuwait Towers-the “older brother” of the Kuwait Water Towers- in the background, as well as examples of the uniquely designed government houses in Kuwait. In addition, viewers can also see cultural and natural elements that both countries are known for, as well as citizens of each country dressed in their traditional attire.

  • Dana Al Rashid
  • 2020
  • Digital art

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