Ramadan In Quarantine

Artist statement

Ramadan In Quarantine, 2020

Dana Al Rashid

Digital art

This work depicts the Al Khidr Structure, which was located on Failaka Island, and was visited by people for blessings and to perform religious rituals. It was demolished by the authorities in the 1930s, but later rebuilt by devoted people using stones that had survived the demolishment. However, it was demolished once more in 1976, this time permanently. This work depicts the Al Khidr Structure in its original form, before its demolition, surrounded by locals and visitors. Al Rashid reconstructed it in this work after referring to old photographs. The colors of the sky evoke the air of spirituality associated with the structure, while the golden interior of the structure symbolizes the hidden essence of things, which may not be apparent to people at first glance, as was the case in the story of Al Khidr. The work expresses the importance of preserving historical structures in all their forms, and of respecting everyone’s freedom of religious expression.

  • Dana Al Rashid
  • 2020
  •  On View: Room 41, South Wall
  • On View: Room 41, South Wall
  • Digital art
  • Oil Panel
  • 1945.89
  • 68 x 67,5 cm
  • Art & History Museum, on loan form a private collection
Visual Description

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Timeline of Art History

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