Architecture of Memory

Artist statement

Saving Al Husainan’s House

This work depicts another example of the architecture of government built houses, but this house boasts more traditional elements in its architecture.

The Al Husainan Home, which was built in the 1950s in Al Fayha, was under the threat of demolition when the descendants of the late homeowner, Abdulrahman Al Husainan, wanted to demolish and rebuild the house. However, thanks to the efforts of activists and architecture and culture enthusiasts, the demolition and reconstruction plans were eventually suspended. The house is also in the process of being enlisted in the country’s list of buildings of architectural and historical value to ensure its protection. Nowadays, many photographers and traditional architecture enthusiasts visit the home to document it.

This work was drawn in a technical drawing style, while also maintaining the overall miniature art style (albeit with a degree of three dimensionality). The work was also brightened by the addition of green trees at the bottom left to contrast the darkness of the grey asphalt. The frame of the work was inspired by the wallpaper design that decorates the interiors of  the Al Husainan House to add an intimate, personal touch.

  • Dana Al Rashid
  • 2020
  • Digital art

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