Architecture of Memory

Artist statement

Shaikha Fatima Mosque, 2021

Dana Al Rashid

Digital art

n Kuwait, there are many mosques with unique architectural designs, and fortunately, mosques are some of the most protected buildings and structures due to their religious sanctity. One of the most uniquely designed mosques is the Shaikha Fatima Mosque, which is located in the Abdullah Al Salem area, and which was constructed from 1979 to 1986. What makes the design of this mosque special are the conical dome and candlestick-like minarets, in addition to the existence of many side doors that prevent the crowding of worshippers as they enter and exit the mosque. The mosque is surrounded by a large garden with a geometric Islamic design. The shape of the garden was used by Al Rashid as the backdrop for the mosque in this work, and was filled in using a bright yellow color, resembling the sunrise. The design of the green frame was derived from the motifs of the mosque.

The mosque’s architectural style is a blend of traditional Islamic style and futuristic modern style, which has made it the perfect subject of Al Rashid’s modern digital miniature style of art.

  • Dana Al Rashid
  • 2020
  • Digital art
  • Digital art

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