Architecture of Memory

Artist statement

The Water Towers

Whenever Kuwait is mentioned, the Kuwait Water Towers-including the iconic Kuwait Towers, which are depicted in another work in this exhibition- are amongst the first images that come to one’s mind. The Kuwait Water Towers were designed by Swedish architect Suni Lindstrom, with 31 water towers in total located in several areas in clusters of 5 to 6 (excluding the newer, differently designed towers in Al Khairan, that were constructed in 2015). The mushroom shape of the towers helps provide shade for the areas below, which were designed to be public gardens (a design that was applied in Al Adailiya Park). The design, along with that of the Kuwait Towers (as their designs were seen to be complementary and forming part of the same water distribution system) received the Aga Khan Prize for Islamic Architecture in 1980.

The work is the first of a series of four works that depict the Kuwait Water Towers. I focused on the towers due to their importance as an architectural language and identity that Kuwait has been known for. The work showcases the duality of the parched land and its replenishment, as it blends the sea blue hues of the towers with brown, arid shades of the desert and the lush green of the trees below, forming an oasis that breathes life into the harsh weather and environment of Kuwait.

  • Dana Al Rashid
  • 2020
  • Digital art

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