Lady in the Dark, 2021

Maythaa Mohammed Al Shamsi, UAE


Dots Connector, 2020

Yousif Musa Albadi, United Arab Emirates


Do You See Me? Look at Me, 2021

Maryam Alwazzan, Kuwait


In Memories, 2019

Khadija Al Mammari, Oman

Digital collage

Untitled, 2021

Kawthar Smaren and Suliman Hilal, Saudi Arabia

Acrylic paint on convex mirror

Sublime, 2021

Brash Collective: Majeda Alhinai & William Virgil, Oman

Digital art

Garden of the Soul, 2021

Enas Sistani, Bahrain


Eye Keep Thinking About It, 2020

Ghalya Al-Ansari, USA

Digital art

Memory, 2019

Bashar Hussain Alshawaf, Saudi Arabia

Mixed media

I’m Not Trying to Follow the Blind, 2021

Rodha Nasser Almazrouei, UAE

Etching on paper

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