Artist statement

Eye Keep Thinking About It

As one looks back at private memories that they do not share with others, they often experience different emotions that overwhelm them, which is symbolised by the many eyes scattered across the walls in this artwork. Each eye’s different size represents a different emotion felt at a different intensity each time a person remembers an intimate memory that they keep locked away. The dollhouse bathroom conveys that memories form houses we visit in our minds. Bathrooms are private places we experience alone, and lock ourselves in away from others. Spirituality is an intimate journey experienced alone. It relates to religion, which has a set of rules and culture that those who are a part of it must follow. As one journeys through life with their religion, they feel as if they’re always being watched, whether that’s by their inner self or the entities they believe are watching them. This feeling can be overwhelming and scary at times, and can lead to internal conflict within one’s mind.

  • Ghalya Al-Ansari
  • 2020
  • Digital art

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